Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just blog it!

This surely is not the only blog on Costa Rica on the web. Starting this blog I guess the main goal will be to include somethings about Costa Rica that you might not find on other blogs. This blog will also be to help the family getting ready for a vacation and the teacher or students who are thinking of doing a trip. We will have hints and advice to make the trip an unforgettable experience. The idea is to make it as interesting and filled with facts and opinions about the real Costa Rica and events that happen everyday in this corner of paradise. With 10 yrs of experience in Costa Rica family vacations and student travel we will touch the topic of tourism with comments on places to stay and go. We invite all readers and bloggers to please leave comments on the blog. We will also have post from our expert guides on the culture, history, and biodiversity of Costa Rica. Our guides make every trip as educational as possible and this blog is to give bloggers a chance to learn from and ask questions to some of Costa Rica's most experienced guides. Enjoy the blog! PURA VIDA!

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