Friday, February 19, 2010

Costa Rica Newspapers

This entry is to give you a quick look at what we consider some of the best sources for Costa Rica information through newspapers. We will start by saying give us an email and we will try and answer any question you have at but there are many other sources for information in Costa Rica. One interesting way of finding out news and current events is the TicoTimes Newspaper which is an English newspaper that is published once a week every Friday. You can also visit it online at There is also a daily newspaper online in English that you can find at The one thing with is that they do have a few interesting articles but the pages are loaded with ads so once you make it through the ads there should be some interesting articles in there.

Another source of information that I would suggest is There are a number of different newspapers in Costa Rica. This is by far what we believe to be the best newspaper. It is in Spanish and is a daily newspaper with a lot of information. It discuss topics of all types and often have very educational campaigns for people of all ages to get involved. This newspaper can be bought for around 50 cents or you can look at it online.

One other respectable Spanish newspaper is called Al Dia. I like to say it has the same information more or less like La Nacion but it is much smaller with in size and not as many articles. But it is very proffesional and has an excellent sports section.

Two newspapers that I dont find the best piece of information and news is La Teja and Extra. These papers are a bit cheaper and not as big as La Nacion but they are daily, in Spanish, and the covers always have a half-naked girl on the front. It is set up more like a comic book with exaggerated information on many topics. It often seems to be just a little much especially when kids of all ages are seeing this daily.

As you an see, yes, there is freedom of press in Costa Rica and just be careful what you read.

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