Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Student Travel Homestays

During many trips to Costa Rica more and more people are looking for the rural experience. The student travel trips to Costa Rica often want the chance to live with a local family. The Costa Rican's are a perfect match for this type of tourism. The Tico's are some of the kindest people and always enjoy having visitors. We operate many of our tours with a village called Sitio de Mata. This is a village located in the mountains of Turrialba very close to the famous Pacuare River. We have developed a relationship with the ladies of the community who put on an experience of culture, food, song, and dance.

Most groups will stay between 2 and 3 nights just long enough to take part in the activities of the town. This is a low economic area and the mothers who take part in this project make their living off the visitors they recieve. The homes are simple but filled with smiles and good times from start to finish. The average house is made out of wood with a concrete floor. Most of the houses only have cold water and waking up in the morning with the cool mountain air makes for a chilly experience.

We always try to offer the homestay experience for a few nights and we have taken student travel trips to all parts of Costa Rica and it is funny to see how the highlight always is the homestays. If you have the chance to bring a student group to Costa Rica we highly suggest taking on the experience of living with the Costa Rican's for a few nights.


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