Friday, July 30, 2010

Costa Rican Movies

They are starting to make movies in Costa Rica. Fewer than a dozen Costa Ricans have directed a feature film, but four movies with Costa Rican directors are coming out in 2010. Hilda Hidalgo adapted her first full length movie from the Colombia author, Gabriel Garcia Marquez's novel Love and Other Demons. Her movie opened in Colombia, in the author's hometown, to rave reviews and she has a spot in the Los Angeles film festival. The budget for the movie was 2 million dollars, the largest ever for a Costa Rican movie.
What is so valuable about Costa Rican movies? It gives the people here a chance to display their talents, and it allows the movie public to see the world from another perspective. Most of the world is just beginning to learn about the beauty of Costa Rica, but along with the natural beauty we need to learn more about the people of this country. Movies are a great way to learn while being entertained.

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