Friday, July 23, 2010

Pacific Costa Rica What were they Thinking?!!!

From what most of you have read you can see when it comes to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica my main focus would be the Dominical area. I know this area well due to the tours we run hear normally and also working a little bit in and around the area in Real Estate.

The nice part about this area is that there are no large tour operators that is moving large amounts of people daily. For example in the Arenal area you might find a zipline that has 200 people a day or a rafting company that rafts 100 clients in a day. I have never seen that type of tour in the Dominical area and I dont think you ever will. This area lends itself to the type of service we offer on a Costa Rica vacation making the feeling a bit more private and remote.

Then why in the heck do they have a 150 person boat docked off the beach here offering whale tours. The whale tour is a great idea and there are quite a few small companies who do it (they could use a few more bi-lingual guides with more knowledge of the whales and dolphins). I can see their point because the small companies have small boats and the ride is very rough. But they will have to get a monopoly on all the tourist here to even get the boat half full just a few times a week.

It would be a shame to see one boat get all the people on their Costa Rican vacations looking for the whales as many small businesses make their living off these whale trips. We have kept an eye on this boat and I have not seen it move all week I've been here and we are in the Costa Rica family vacation high season. Have any of you seen the whales in Costa Rica? If so where and when?

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