Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Hidden Cemetery

Just east of San Jose in the suburb of Tres Rios, a construction company was digging to build the foundation of a condominium. A neighbor noticed something and called the Chief Prosecutor’s Office who in turn called the National museum. By law if builders find something that may be archaeologically significant, they must cease digging and wait for experts to evaluate the site.
In this case the Tres Rios neighbor was correct. The building site contained an indigenous burial ground that dated back to 1100 AD. So far they have found 32 graves and the remains of 26 people. The tombs have an elaborate design, and they are made of river rock. Maritza Guiterrez, the lead archaeologist, says that the discovery is important because the remains are in “drawer tombs” made by indigenous people.
The bones and artifacts found here will be sent to a laboratory for carbon dating. The construction should resume in three weeks.

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