Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Don't Visit Beaches on a Costa Rica Vacation?

RainforestImage via WikipediaWhy on Earth would this be the title of my blog. When you say a  Costa Rica Vacation you think of tropical paradise and when you say tropical paradise you think of white sandy beaches. I will start by saying Costa Rica does have some excellent beaches and if you absolutely have to go to a beach on every single vacation of your life then have at it Im sure you wont be bummed by the beaches here in Costa Rica.

If you have been to a few beaches which I'm sure most of you have because beaches are all over the planet then you might want to do a little bit more research in to what else Costa Rica has to offer. Most tourist come to Costa Rica with just a one week and they opt to have the beach at the last 3 days of there trip. I support this idea because there are many beaches that have many fun activities to do in the area besides just laying in the sun or just surfing.

The point of this post is if you have only a week or 10 days on your Costa Rican family vacation in the country dont feel like you have to go to the beaches of Costa Rica. Costa Rica does not have the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are many more beaches in the America's alone that top the Costa Rican beaches. Yes, Manuel Antonio is up there but its just too touristy. With the time you have do some research or even contact us and find out about some of the most amazing places in the middle of the rainforest or cloudforest. These places are some of the most unique places on the planet and you dont want to pass it up.

Our advice to you is to think about it do your research and don't be afraid to ask. If you have questions about places that we feel are better than being at the beach please contact us.
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  1. Que artículo mas contradictorio, por un lado recomienda las playas y al mismo tiempo no recomienda vacacionar a las playas de nuestro hermoso país. Por favor informenle al turista de la mejor forma posible y no lo confundan. En Costa Rica existen hermosas playas que no tienen nada que envidiarle a otros países, Manuel Antonio es una de ellas. pero hay muchas mas en Guanacaste, Uvita, Osa.

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  3. Hola Anonimo,

    Thanks for the commment. I feel you were confused by this article. Si se ve el titulo de este blog es una pregunta por decir: I am asking the individual if it is absolutely necessary to go to the beach on a Costa Rican Vacation. Tiene razon hay playas lindisimas en Costa Rica pero Guanacasta a nivel mundial, no creo? Osa SI! Bueno gracias por su commentario y voy a tomar en cuenta los consejos me dijo cuando estoy escribiendo en el futuro por ser mas claro on cosas. Tenga un mes de independencia super linda, gracias Tom