Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Encore by Arenal

Arenal Volcano Costa Rica
Once again I was treated to a show by the most active volcano on the planet, Volcan Arenal. In the center of the country on a great plain, Vulcan Arenal rises up with perfect symmetry. All day long Arenal was showing a stream of smoke out one of its two vents. Then at five o'clock in the morning it showed us some fire and kicked out a few rocks. I should say that they looked like rocks from below but they are realy boulders the size of a SUV. They are usually red and give off a trail of smoke and dust as they roll downhill.

Volcan Arenal is always changing. It has two vents up top now, where previously there was only one. The volcanic activity has blown another hole in the top. Arenal is also getting taller. Because of its activity, it is three hundred feet taller than it was fifty years ago. It is quite a show.

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