Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What is Speciation?

Costa Rican Tanager's experienced Speciation
People want to visit the tropics on vacations and take an eco-adventure to Costa Rica because of the great bio-diversity there is here in Costa Rica. This makes for a the perfect place for an educational Costa Rica family vacation. One reason for so many different species in the tropics is that Speciation has been alive and well in the last couple of million years.

Speciation is basically the splitting of one species to form two species. One way and most common way in the tropics has been to geographic formations. The rising of the Andes has been the cause of 3 different Tapir species. The Baird's which we find here in Costa Rica, the Mountain which we find in the mountain of the Andes, and the Brazilian Tapir which is on the other side of the Andes. Before the Andes were formed it was all one species and as the Andes rose they started to adapt to their climate zone and breed only among those in that area.

Speciation in Costa Rica

Here in Costa Rica we see speciation with the rising of the mountains and volcanos with many different bird species that today look the same but are actually different species because they are located on opposite sides of the mountain ranges here in Costa Rica.

Note: Speciation is different than a sub-species. A sub-species would be to similar to dogs in being different breeds of dogs but the same species or to humans being different races but still the same species.

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