Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Do Students get Discounts on Flights?

Oh to be a student again. The days of not having money, ramen noodles, and did I mention not having money. Students are a great market for travel companies and that is why there are so many deals for them. Why is this? Well, students still see the value in traveling, soul searching, and adventure while questioning everything about their own and new cultures! Also if students have $1000's in their bank account they are not afraid to spend $995 on a one way ticket to wherever!

Airlines are happy to help this addiction of looking for the meaning in life until mom and dad say its time to sign up for classes. Because of this students by themselves have very little money but the collective whole is a huge monster market the travel industry is anxious to host. Your most expensive part of traveling is obviously airfare because we know ramen noodles don't cost much and having your own room is for the Queen of England.

The two most common services for cheap airfare are Student Universe and STA Travel. These two sites make being a student more fun as if it wasn't already. You can travel the world at budget prices in everything from airline tickets, rail passes, and bulk supply of those noodles.  These companies usually only work with students from ages 18 - 26 years of age.

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