Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tropical Rain Forest

When we talk about the Tropical Rain Forest, we have to imagen one of the most diverse places on earth.
In compared with other types of forest for example : Temperate Forest From North America and Europe the Tropical Rain Forest has the highest degree of species divercity, that means many different species of plant in one area and to find same families of trees in the same are is some times a hard work, then we are talking about primary Rain Forest, and this is the main factor that makes this wonderfull world unique for many : insects, frogs ,birds,and mammals.
T In the Tropical Rain Forest , trees grows extremely high with straight trunks up to 30 mts, and the same trees are cover by other plants looking for sunlight and the opportunity to live in this mass of green plants, this are the Climber Plants, some of them do not do any harm to the trees but some of them do, taking some years for the process.
Tropical Rian Forest are stratified in layers of vegetations , first herb layer, second low shrubby layer and the last layer called Canopy.
In the first layer there are concentrations of large- leaved plants into the families of . Diffenbachias and climbers plants like Monsteras, philodendron etc.
In the second layer we will find some families of palms, middle high trees and pioneer plants.
One of the typical characteristics of the Tropical Rain Forest Trees ,are their buttresses roots wich are roots that spread out around the tree trunk couple meters before they entering the ground, helping the trees to have more stability and better nutrients absorption.
All this interactions makes this ecosystems very complex and interesting for many biologist from all over the world, and actually we have the opportunity to discover all the wonderfull worlds hiding in this unique place called Tropical Rain Forest.

Article written by: Jonathan Serrano (Costa Rican Naturalist Tour Guide)

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