Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rural Tourism Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country in the last 15 years that has grown into being one of the top tourist destinations in the America's. Because of Costa Rica's amazing topography it has allowed many corners of this tropical paradise to still be located "away from the touristy areas". Costa Rica is a country where you can go out into the country side and safetey does not become an isssue. Many people ask what is rural tourism and want to know if the trip they are on is rural tourism just because they are driving on curvy roads for three hours, or they see bars on windows of nearby houses, or they are eating rice and beans. Rural tourism is when you see its raining outside and the rain is NOT hitting 80 hotel rooms next to you. There are many different levels of rural tourism and its one of the most rewarding ways to travel. You get a chance to meet the "real Costa Rica" and experience how the locals live and the real charm behind this great country. One of the best types of trips in my opinion is to mix it up a bit. Go ahead and visit some of the rural areas, live with a local family for a few nights, and the go big maybe at the beach where you just loung and relax. I promise you will be proud of yourself for getting into the rural areas and making a connection with the people. Our company has worked for years in developing long lasting relationships with local rural areas and we have made some connections that if the tourist is up for it we are always willing to make a part of your trip. The benefits to rural tourism is endless on both ends. It allows to the tourist to see how the locals survive and it allows the locals to get in on the number one industry that the country has and that is tourism.
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