Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Costa Rica Families

With our company trying to work more and more in rural tourism we are realizing why all of our clients and most tourist for that matter leave not only falling inlove with the natural beauties of this country but also the people. We operate tours for families and students into rural areas of Costa Rica and we offer a true Costa Rican experience. The one interesting thing a lot of tourist notice is that you dont have to move out of the house when you turn 18 and that most immediate families still live very close to eachother. It is interesting to see a mother and her daughter taking care of grandma and grandpa and also the great grandkids. When you google nursing homes in Costa Rica you can come up with maybe one home and when you google it in the US you get close to 75,000 different homes. I believe the reason for this is because of the families staying together which is a beautiful thing and something that should be valued as part of the Costa Rican Culture.

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