Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is Costa Rica a developed or developing Country?

Here is some information taken from the TicoTimes (I left the link at the bottom if you would like to read their full article) in what was an excellent article written answering many questions that people often have about Costa Rica. As a tour company we know that if a client needs to visit a brand new mall with all the top end stores of the world we can take them there. We also know that if a client wants to visit some of the most rural communities hours away from all the ameneties of the world we can also take them there. This brings up the question to many of wanting to know about this country that has been known for its solid middle class as being a country that is Developed? or still in the process of Developing?

Just to give you an idea 20% of the country makes $120 or less a month. If you decided to visit one of the fancy malls in the San Jose on a daily basis and pay the $2 toll to get there and the $2 for parking then in one month you would spend $120's. In the article of the TicoTimes they talk about the different organizations that label countries as developing and developed. On a worldwide scale Costa Rica is ranked as the upper middle section of all countries and the upper section being the developed countries. There are around 30 developed countries on the planet and Costa Rica is ranked around 54th 1 spot behind Mexico along with other countries of Brazil, Panama, and South Africa. In all of Latin America they say Chile is the most developed country.

Costa Rica is considered to be moving forward at a fast pace up the scale. Two strong points given to Costa Rica is how educated the people are here and the healthcare that is provided allowing life expectancy to be high at 77.

The new elected President Laura Chinchilla brought up that her goal was to make Costa Rica a developed country and if she can do it in four years I dont know but atleast it looks that the country is already on its way. To see the full article on the TicoTimes you can visit


  1. Well I have to say that Costa Rica belongs to the category of the developing countries. The IMF has two big categories divided into 4 sub-categories: DEVELOPED COUNTRIES (Advanced econonomies), DEVELOPING COUNTRIES (Transition countries, less developed countries, and least developed countries). The Advanced Economies (or Developed countries) are the US, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zeland, South Korea, Singapoore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and most of Europe (with the exception of Eastern Europe). The Transition Countries (which are the most developed countries among the developing ones), include only the former USRR/Eastern Europe, are countries that are almost full developed (Some countries such as Mexico, Brazil, and the Philippines will be on this category during the following years). The Less Developed Countries (which Costa Rica belongs to according to the IMF) include some countries in relatively good shape like Costa Rica, Mexico, Vietnam, that are in a proccess of becoming developed countries during the following decades (specially the ones in Southeast Asia, Mexico and Brazil; this group is called the Next-Eleven, which means they are going to be developed by 2021), it also includes countries really poor, like Nicaragua, Bolivia, Angola and Namibia. Finally the Least Developed Countries are the poorest countries on Earth, all of them (besides Haiti) are in Africa and Asia.

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  3. Now is 2016 year, and Costa Rica is in developing stage.

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