Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rafting the Upper Pacuare River

On the subject of white-water rafting with some rain arriving in Costa Rica these days I wanted to fill everyone in on what I consider one of the best sections for rafting in Costa Rica. Unfortunately this section not open for tourist but if you make the right friends you might be able to catch a ride on the average of 5 trips we run to upper Pacuare each year. It is a section that is for experts with class V's and extremely technical. One of my favorite rapids is called the Hand-of-God which lives up to its name. I have to admit the last time I was on the upper Pacuare I went in a raft and I walked the "Hand-of-God" rapid.

This section takes around 2 hours of non-stop excitement and adrenaline pumping drops. The best part is that the river at this section drops so fast that you can never see what is coming next. For all serious rafters I would suggest the upper Pacuare and if you are a serious Kayaker than without question catch a ride to the upper Pacuare section. If you are a tourist or just recreational rafter then its better that you enjoy the commercially rafted section of Pacuare which happens to be a much more scenic ride that you will surely enjoy.

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