Monday, February 22, 2010

United Nations to look at Stone Spheres

If you've been to southern Costa Rica you probably have heard of the stone spheres made by the ancestors of the Borunca Indians who live in the area. These spheres are from around 400 - 1400AD and are perfectly formed into spheres from what most experts believe was a heating and cooling process. When it comes to tourism I can say Costa Rica is lacking two things that would make this the complete tourism playground. Those two things are snow and pyramids. With the idea of making snow I dont see it happening I think there are a few other govt expenses that have to be attended to first. But with the pyramids we might not get the large temples of Tikal but it is possible to build on what we do have. What Costa Rica does have is the spheres that measure 8ft in Diameter and up to 20 tons in weight. A little less than a pyramid but still enough to get the attention of a very important group of archeologist.

The United Nations is sending down a dream team of archeologist to study the spheres and to decide if the spheres should be considered World Heritage. During their stay this March if they decide that these spheres are worthy of being considered World Heritage this could be a boost in tourism for the particular section. They still dont know what the spheres were used for and most experts think they marked special buildings. My question to that is where the heck are the special buildings they were marking? So if they are right then maybe Costa Rica might have some digging left to do. If they are wrong then maybe a better guess would be that the spheres were created with the idea of beach volleyball (just a guess).

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