Saturday, February 6, 2010

Why Student Travel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that first of all is close to the US. It is a two and a half hour flight from Miami which is closer to Miami than most parts of the US. Student travel in Costa Rica has grown over the last few years for and it is not only because of the natural beauties of volcanos, waterfalls, and beaches. Costa Rica student travel is supported very much by the locals of Costa Rica. It gives the rural Costa Rica a chance to take part in tourist activities. This works as an incredible income for the local families and allows for different parts of the tourist industry to get a cut of the pie and not just large hotels and larger tour operators. The people of Costa Rica are educated and extremely hospitable to tourist groups. With a little training almost any rural town in Costa Rica can become an incredible experience for any student group. The activities that the locals can offer can range from staying in homes in rural villages, cooking classes, dance classes, taking a few Spanish classes, or just an all out soccer game of locals vs tourist. There is one particular town that our company works with that is called Sitio de Mata and it is amazing how far they have come in making the rural experience truly an unforgettable event. Everytime a group shows up it seems that they have improved in some way. The attention to detail and service is at a 5-Star level in a rural setting which makes it truley a real Costa Rican experience. With a student travel trip to Costa Rica make sure you involve a local experience wether it be a few nights in a home or just stopping by for lunch and a coffee its surely worth hanging with the locals a bit.

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