Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Best Cookie in Costa Rica

We can show you the best rivers to raft, waterfalls to rappel, and birds to see but we also take just as much pride in the little local things during a tour. One interesting thing that I have made a part of many family vacations and student vacations is the famous Pozuelo Cookie. Pozuelo is the name of the company that was started in the capital city of San Jose in 1919. There are three reasons why I have grown to love this company and try and make it a part of each and every tour.

The first reason is the most obvious and that is the good tasting cookies. I was not a huge cookie eater living in the States but since Ive moved down here Ive easily averaged a pack of cookies a day. Its something about enjoying the little things in life that make these cookies taste so good. They have their factory on a main street in San Jose that always has a lot of traffic. It is literally torture to sit in a traffic jam and get the constant smell of these delicious cookies.

The second reason I like these cookies so much is that they have given me one extra phrase to use in my developing Spanish. The phrase you can see on all their ads, their packages, and website. The phrase "Es...Muuucha Galleta!" is a phrase known all over Costa Rica. Not only is it used to describe a great tasting cookie but anytime you want to say a positive comment for example: How was the movie? you can respond: "Es...Muuucha Galleta!" You have to love the Costa Rican Spanish.

The third and final reason why I love this company is probably my favorite reason. When dealing with family vacations we are always looking for the best places to put our families. When dealing with the San Jose area I think there is one hotel that can not be beat and that is Grano de Oro. The Grano de Oro hotel is a small hotel with an amazing restaurant. The hotel has been fixed up extremely nicely. So you might be asking yourself what this has to do with a cookie? Well it turns out that this building before being a hotel was the house of the Pozuelo family. So I can say thank you to the Pozuelo family for your excellent taste and a chance to include a little interesting history on our tours about a great hotel and an amazing cookie!!!
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