Saturday, April 10, 2010

Blackberry & 3G in Costa Rica

With technology being where it is today there is no tougher place to keep intouch with people then when you are rafting the rainforest, hiking volcanos, or ziplining in the jungle. Now with the 3G network in Costa Rica all of this is possible. With our student travel trips every parent wants to know how their child is an stay updated day to day. Now with the 3G network, a blackberry, and a little extra time invested in the trip our company can keep parents posted literally on the hour. We operate our tours with small netbook computers that connect to the internet anywhere in the country through the 3G connection to the blackberry. The 3G connection is very new to Costa Rica and was brought on by Costa Rica signing a free trade agreement with the USA in which USA telecommunication companies will soon be able to operate in Costa Rica. The 3G which is available now is produced by ICE which is the Costa Rican Institue of Electricity. They want to make their product as best as possible before the competition comes in. With 3G the internet connection is excellent. Pictures can be uploaded and a summary can be given on the event that just happened. For us as a company it is a chance to offer better service to our clients but it is also a chance to get our name out in which we hope that all members reading the exciting information pass it on to family members and friends. At the end of the trip you have the whole trip in detail in a blog form that kids can go back to years later for the memories and pictures of their Costa Rican Adventure.

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