Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Ultimate Travel Game

If you have done any traveling lately and you noticed some down time needed to be filled there is no better option than Bananagrams. Ive been doing family vacation for years now and I have seen all types of games but seeing bananagrams last month takes the number 1 spot for travel games.

Bananagrams is made up of what looks like just the scrabble peices where everyone takes a certain amount of peices and makes what looks like at the end of the game their own crossword puzzle. When all pieces are used up the person with no peices left first wins. The best part about this game comparing it to scrable is that an average game takes around 5 - 10 minutes as compared to the traditional scrable game which can take all night. The game is packed into a small bag with the pieces in it that is about the size of something you would store you pencils in. We have also used bananagrams for our student travel trips to Costa Rica with the groups that want to concentrate on Spanish you can get bananagrams in Spanish also.

Costa Rica is an amazing spot for a family vacation and student travel trips that can fill your time doing amazing adventures and learning about the rainforest. But every vacation deserves a little bit of down time and what better way to use that down time to hang out with friends and family with a view of an active volcano while playing BANANAGRAMS!!! A huge thanks to the Wolfson family from Boston for coming down on a family vacation and getting the whole country hooked on Bananagrams. Thanks so much WOLFSONS!!!

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