Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Organic Experience

What would a student trip to Costa Rica be without seeing the Don Juan Organic farm. Don Juan is the Lebron James of Organic Farms and he has his 2 acre farm looking perfect everytime we stop by.

Costa Rica is not a place you come visit to go on a food tour. But if you have any interest in having one of the best lunches you can imagine than Don Juan is a must stop. His farm is located about 5 km outside of the town of La Fortuna near the Arenal Volcano. The best part about his farm is that it is run by the family. It is used by local schools to give kids the education on how an organic farm works. The students get a chance to pick the same fruits and vegetables they will eat for lunch. The highlight of the trip is always the sugar cane. With a set of volunteers the kids get to make their own agua dulce (sugar cane juice).

Don Juan has the competition pretty tough to get the kids attention considering most of the kids are coming from zipline, rafting, and volcano tours. Don Juan is the man with the farm and he does an incredible job of keeping the attention of the kids and making it one of the top educational experiences in all of Costa Rica. Along with the ziplines and rivers a student travel trip should always involve some education and the Don Juan farm is an amazing stop in Costa Rica.


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