Sunday, April 25, 2010

Costa Rican Resource & Hogar Siembra

The most rewarding part about working in student travel trips to Costa Rica is the chance to give back. Most parents of young students want their kids to get the experience of rainforest and ziplines but they also would like to see their children take part in community work in a chance to give back to the the community. Costa Rican Resource has developed some excellent relationships with many different communities. One of the communities that makes for an emotional stop with every group is the Hogar Siembra which is a home for orphan girls. These girls from some of the most difficult backrounds you can imagine. Some come from very physical and sexual abusive cases.

When bringing groups to the home we usually just socialize, play games, and involve a cooking class. This past week we had a group that was working up to 6 months in advance to raise money for the orphanage. It was group from Ridgefield CT. When we visited the orphanage they presented the Director with $500's that was raised by the students from doing different fund-raisers at school. It was a very speical moment for the orphan girls to see how these visiting students have been working for them the last 6 months without even knowing them.

It is little actions like this that make a big difference. In working in student travel in Costa Rica we have the chance to see how much just a visit and a smile can make. It is also very encouraging for us to see groups put work into these visits to raise money months before they come on their trip.

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