Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our Company Goal...

This company started out in the small town of Cacao de Alajuela. The town of Alajuala is made up of sugarcane and coffee. Most families in this town are of low income and live paycheck to paycheck (thats if they have a steady job). After living in the town Cacao for 6 months I was paying a monthly rent for room and board and I noticed that the family I was staying with was living off what I was paying them. After about 6 months I became fluent in Spanish and thought to myself what a great exchange. Come live in rural Costa Rica, make the ends meet of a family that needs the money, and leave speaking Spanish. This is when the idea of doing student travel trips to Costa Rica started. The company began with the idea of helping others help others.

After bringing students down to learn Spanish and live in the rural town of Cacao the adventure sport of rafting was often the first request of foreigners. That is how our company started on the Pacuare River which today is what we consider our main office and number one tour of any group of students we bring down. Lets just say we love rafting but in the vision of the company the rafting is used as a way of making our trips look attractive for young students who then come on our trips and are opened up to the many different ways of helping others.

The industry of tourism has billions of dollars being spent every year. More times than not the attractions that tourist visit are surrounded by struggling local communities. The basis of this company is to open up the chance of some of the worlds most beautiful natural beauties and also teach and show the importance of helping others. We want to show our clients that our company helps others directly and indirectly. We direclty help others when we visit the orphanage and exchange gifts with the kids and spend time. We indirectly help others when you see that we operate activities such as a lunch through a small locally owned family resturaunt.

We feel the student travel trips to Costa Rica can help make our goal happen with giving the attention to young kids with the idea of making an impact that will last a lifetime. The utlimate goal of this company is to have small communities and families throughout rural areas live off the activity of tourism that we incorporate into their towns. Wether it is stopping by for lunch with a group of 4 or staying in the town for 5 nights with a group of 30 the goal is for these families to make a living and become a part of this growing and most fortunate activity of tourism in Costa Rica.


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