Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rawlings Baseball Factory

Costa Rica has so much to see and do from rafting, ziplining, to walking through the rainforest. One area of Costa Rica that you might not know of is a town called Turrialba. This town is home to some of the best rivers in Costa Rica and also the CATIE which is a center for agriculture study. Turrialba is a small town of around 70,000 people. Finding work can be difficult in this town and thanks to one company many people have jobs. If you know anything about baseball then you know about the name Rawlings. It turns out that Rawlings has its factory in the town of Turrialba. This factory is about 2 blocks off the main road and although not open up for tours it is worth taking the route to see the factory on your way to rafting.

The factory is one of the larger buildings in town and is very close to the center of the town of Turrialba. Rawlings chose the country of Costa Rica for its factory due to the lower wages it can pay workers and also the high education level of the Costa Rican people. It is in a beautiful setting surrounded by rivers, mountains, and volcanos.

There are many factorys in Costa Rica some being Intel and Hewlett Packard but for those die hard baseball fans their is nothing like visiting the building where all the homerun balls have been stitched together by hand. So if you are on a family vacation or a student travel trip to Costa Rica just remember that there is much more to see than just erupting volcanos and waterfalls.


  1. We are planning a trip to Costa Rica and would love to visit the Rawlings factory, but heard it's very closed to the public. Do you know how close one can get?

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