Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Man who works with a Passion

Just this last week I took the Swiftwater Rescue course in Pacuare. It was an amazing course with very experienced guides from all over Costa Rica. We camped out at the river for 3 nights and had 12 hour days in the river learning different Rescue techniques that we might need in the while rafting.

The teacher of the class is a man from California who has been in Costa Rica for 20 years. His name is Felipe Perez and he has done so much for the sport of rafting in Costa Rica. Felipe Perez is in my opinion what a role model should be. I know many Costa Ricans look to the millionaire football players and famous people but when I have kids I want them walking around saying "Like Felipe, if I could be like Felipe". The man absolutely loves what he does and he does it for the love of nature, the river, and the saftey of others. He has given this course over 200 times to guides all over the world. The advice Felipe gives are expert rescue techniques that all river guides should know. But probably the most important advice he gives is advice on life which is to listen to the river. He talks about all the things the river can teach you about life and probably the two most important is to enjoy the moment and live simply. Felipe is a perfect example of living these two rules excellently. He is always smiling and lives a very simple life always enjoying the moment.

From myself and all the river guides of Costa Rica I want to thank Felipe for making our jobs a proffesion and for being such a great educator to so many.

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