Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Book on Costa Rican Wildlife

I have been in book stores and souvenir shops almost everyday for the last 9 years. Just yesterday I came across a new book on wildlife of Costa Rica which really caught my eye. First of all when a guide is looking for a book the most important in my opinion is the size. If it is a big book chances are you will leave it at the house and not bring it on the tour just because it is a pain to travel with. The book I came across was The Wildlife of Costa Rica "A Field Guide". This book is was put together by four different experts in the field of wildlife. They did a small description on your most popular animals of Costa Rica and made it into a book small enought to pop in and out of your bag with ease. The book has two animals on each page making the description a half of page each which is just enough to give the basic information on the animal. If you are looking for some more info just look it up but when on tour there is no need to be walking around with a set of Encyclpedias now that internet is almost available at every hotel.

This blog can be just a quick book review for students that plan on coming on a student travel trip or even great for families enjoying a family vacation in Costa Rica and want to make it a little more educational.

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