Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Rafting Water Levels Costa Rica

Dealing with adventure sports the first priority should always be safety. When it comes to whitewater rafting there are a list of things that a guide must take into consideration before a trip. Not only do the clients have to be physically fit to take on the challenge.

Maybe one of the most important consideration is how Mother Nature is behaving during the day of your river trip. Costa Rica is a place that is filled with mountains and rain which means the rafting is great. During the rainy season Costa Rica can get a lot of rain and fill up the rivers very fast. Unfortunately due to deforistation the rain enters the rivers faster and this also means the rivers drain faster. This can be dangerous to a river trip because what we call a head of water can fill up a river very quickly. The guide and company must take into consideration not only the weather conditions where the river trip begins but also the weather conditions farther up stream which could be a heavy rain miles away but still filling the river.

When the river becomes high the water runs faster, waves are bigger, and hydrolic holes are stronger. All of this can make the river at a point where a company has to cancel the trip or take their clients to a different river. For all companies dealing with adventure tourism these are basic issues that should be looked at before every trip from rafting to canyoneering and waterfall rappeling. Be sure your company is putting saftey first as in our case it is always the number one concern of our clients. Dealing with student travel trips and family vacations to Costa Rica safety first is a no-brainer for our company.

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