Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chirripo Costa Rica (I'm Speachless)

You have got to be kidding me. With all the natural beauties this country has I never thought things like the Arenal volcano, Pacuare River, and Manuel Antonio could be topped. Sure enough last week we took off to hike Costa Rica's highest point which is Chirripo National Park and we had some of the most beautiful weather you can imagine. This without a doubt is the pearl of this small country filled with natural beauties. I saw a lady crying at the top saying Ive only felt this feeling one other time in her life and that was when she became a mother. I guess you can look at that as the hike to the top can be about as painful as giving birth but Im pretty sure she was not talking about the hike but the feeling a joy and satisfaction of arriving to a point in her life of a place and moment so beautiful in time.

Dealing with student travel in Costa Rica I can say this is an amazing area to challenge a student and make it part of a leadership trip. I will surely be offering this adventure for student groups in the future and hopefully even some family vacations we can convince into doing this amazing adventure. It is a heck of a hike of almost 40km up hill starting at 1,000mts and making it to the summit of 3,820mts.

I love this place and with a country filled with so many natural beauties and a country that is so small its most beautiful and largest natural beauty is its most hidden. Enjoy the hike and cherish the moment because there are few places on Earth like Costa Rica's Chirripo.
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