Friday, June 25, 2010

Costa Rica Rainy Season

We are proud to say that we have one of the most crowded office on the planet. The tropical rainforest which we like to call our office is home to thousands of species of plants and animals. Whats all the fuss about a rainy forest? If you come on a student travel trip or a family vacation to Costa Rica with us chances are you will find out first-hand what the rainforest is. If you do not then keep on reading and maybe our webpage can help explain the basic information on the tropical rainforest.
To be a rainforest it must be an area that receives around 80 inches of rain per year. This does not mean it will all fall on you during your family vacation. There is a dry and rainy season in Costa Rica and there are some parts of the rainy season that receive more rain than others. In Costa Rica if you want to plan a vacation and be 100% you will be in the sun for the whole time then good luck. Atleast that is one promise we can not make. The rain is what makes this place so beautiful and there is nothing better then a day of rafting through the rainforest and then sitting in your jungle eco-lodge and listening to the heavy intense rains of the jungle as they hit the thousands of different species of plants. This is the dream machine you have always dreamed of and comes completely free on a family vacation to Costa Rica.
The rainy months of Costa Rica from from May – mid December and the dry months run from mid-December – May. Like we said before there is always a chance of rain and you can even run into a week of no rain during the rainy season. The heavy rains come from October and September so if you plan your family vacation during these months you better enjoy the rain because you will get plenty of it.
The Costa Rican rainforest is worth visiting on a student travel trip or a family vacation to Costa Rica because it can be very educational. You can teach your kids about so many things in the rainforest and how the eco-system works. The rainforest is filled with plants and animals that all have their special story (which our guides will inform you on) and this is why you should vacation to the rainforest.


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  2. I visited Costa Rica last year and I had a great time. If you want to explore the rainforest try Rincon de la Vieja or Manuel Antonio National Park. There you'll find lots of tropical wildlife like monkeys, sloth, crocodiles and amphibians, plus in Rincon there's lots of volcanoes and mud pools etc.
    We traded into The Palms at Flamingo Beach. They have fractional villas on the beach. The people there were very friendly and Fractional villa in Costa Rica and the whole development and amenities were wonderful.