Friday, June 25, 2010

Which Costa Rica Hotel Room?

Dealing with student trips and family vacation one main concern is always the hotels. The uses our services with the idea that we know each hotel and if something goes wrong in the hotel it is partly our fault. When booking hotels we have to be very sure of the service and conditions of the hotel. This requires that we visit hotels on a regular basis. With the extreme rains in Costa Rica hotels really have to do continual maintence on their rooms. Please do not let the webpage be your judge of rooms.

Teacher who travel with school groups on student travel trips are not too concerned about the luxury of the hotel. Yes they want to place to be clean but also very important are two areas that our company looks at in a student travel trip and that is location of rooms and location of hotel. We want to make it easy on the teacher and ourselves. We look for hotels that make up its own compound where walking about around town is not an option. When we are finished with the day activities the kids can play at the hotel pool instead of being in the center of town that might lend itself to temptations for the kids. We also look at the location of the rooms. Nobody is on their honeymoon and there is no need to have rooms spread out. We look to have all the rooms in the same area where teachers, guides, and hotel employees are always nearby for any reason a student might need us.

During a family vacation to Costa Rica the hotel rooms can make or break a trip. We can say as a company we are not perfect. We have had times (not many) when a hotel was not what our clients expected. Our response to this is to act immediately and find a hotel that fills their expectation and make it work no questions asked. Our policy is to send every client home satisfied no matter the cost. With family vacations we are always looking for hotels that will be cozy for the parents but might also offer activities for the kids such as a water slide or things of such. This is not a mega cruise and it is quite hard to find the type of programs that take the kids for the day and drop them off at night but that is what we are for. We promise to keep everyone active during the day so there is not that much energy at night.

When picking a hotel for a family vacation there are so many aspects to take into account even within the same hotel. Just because you are being sent to a 4 or 5 star resort does not mean you are getting a great room. You might have the luxury of a 4 star room but you might have a 1 star view. For us the views are the best part. You are comnig to Costa Rica on your vacation to see the things you do not normally see. We know of an amazing hotel in the Arenal area that has 24 rooms and 23 of them have wonderful views of the volcano. There is one room (that cost the same as the others) that has a view of a tropical tree but to some it might just look like an oak tree covering the volcano. Unless you are a botnist you probably do not want to spend your family vacation in Costa Rica looking at this tree while everyone else in the hotel talks about the great view of the erupting volcano from their rooms.

With all this said as a booking agency and tour operator we do everything within our power to give you the best option at the best price. If you take your next vacation to Costa Rica you will have picked a excellent country and just make sure you get an excellent room.

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