Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hotels in Dominical Costa Rica

If you are on a family vacation or a student travel trip Dominical can be a great spot in the southern Pacific of Costa Rica. I will say it does not fit what every family is looking for. If you want the large 5-star resort then Dominical is not the spot. There are a number of different hotels in Dominical and depending on what you want will be the difference in finding the right place.

Student travel hotels in Dominical are abviously less expensive, but still very clean and safe. In our experience the student group needs to be in a hotel that does not give them the liberty to walk around town or even walk to the beach. It is best when dealing with student groups to make everything just that a group activity from going to town to going to the beach. This is why we use Villas Rio Mar which has a great pool and none of the rooms are spread too far out. It is located about a 10 minute walk from town and the beach keeping the group together on the property and a large place eat for meeting areas.

Before using this hotel we worked with Diuwalk which is closer to the center of town and a nice clean hotel and great for the college student or surfer. We found for our student groups it was just too close to the town and beach. You must always be extra careful when traveling to coastal areas with large groups as the beaches often have strong riptides.

During a family vacation you might be looking for something a little more upscale and if this is the case there are a few different areas you can look at in the Dominical area. One of our favorites and easiest to access is called Cuna del Angel which in our opinion has some of the best food in the country. It is a very small hotel and is part of the "Small Distinctive Hotels of Costa Rica Group" which make up some of the nicest hotels under 50 rooms I believe it is or maybe less. If you want smaller and not as easy access you can look into the 6 bedroom Bed and Breakfast of the Necochea Inn whihc is located in the hills of Escalares. We have taken a number of Costa Rica family vacations to the small Inn up in the hills and it is surely isolated so bring what you need because it is a 4 km bumpy road back down to the bottom.

Last but not least this option would not work for a student travel trip to Costa Rica but always a good option for a family vacation to Costa Rica and that is renting a home. There are now many homes in the area and my favorite happens to be called Casa Bel-Mar which is located in the hills of Escalares and is a 6 bedroom, infinite pool, and amazing views of the ocean and surrounded by jungle. If you really wanted to top off your family vacation to Costa Rica you can hire a cook. Hopefully you will hire us for your guiding and adventure tours at Hope you enjoyed the blog and it was useful and safe travels where ever they may take you.


  1. If I might make a suggestion?

    Domilocos is located 50m from the Dominical beach and it is the most affordably priced hotel in the area with prices starting from $45/night.

  2. Yes, you are right Domilocos is a very affordable spot. Correct me if Im wrong but home to some good pizza also? THanks for the comment and have a great day!