Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Transportation on Vacation to Costa Rica

When traveling to Costa Rica you will notice that you have to spend some time in on the roads to get from one natural beauty to the next. A vacation should be spent in comfort and that is why our company puts just as much attention into transportation as we do the hotels we pick for our clients. My personal favorite is the Toyota Coaster which is a 29 passenger van. There are a few different types of Coasters and in my opinion there are a few factors that you want to take into consideration.

The first factor is the most simple and is how modern the van is. If the van has been touring wet rafters around Costa Rica for 10 years the chances are its got some funk on the inside. I always look for a van that is no older than 3 years. With a student group or a family vacation the vibe of the trip starts with the arrival of the airport and getting into the van.

The second factor on the Coaster is the high roof. There are some Coasters with low roofs and some with high and believe me the high roof makes all the difference in the world. Although the leg room is the same and the length of the bus the feeling of more area in and around makes a huge difference.

Another reason why I consider the Coaster bus a perfect fit for family vacation and student travel is that the windows are very large all around. This allows for the windows to be open and get some fresh air (keep in mind that the coaster has very cold A/C which is another huge plus). Another reason for the benefit of the large windows is that it opens up opportunities to see wildlife. In a country where you want to be able to take all the scenery in the more window the better. Some of the bigger fancier buses are difficult to see out of which defeats the purpose of taking a Costa Rica Vacation or a student travel trip with the idea of seeing as much as possible.
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