Sunday, July 11, 2010

5 Amazing Costa Rican Rainforest Facts

Next time you are thinking of a family vacation maybe you might want to visit one of the most astonishing places on the planet that your grandkids might not have the opportunity to see. Take a look at these facts and tell me if it would be worth take an eco-friendly vacation to help fight the cause of protecting these beautiful areas:

1.) 25% of western medicines are derived from rainforest plants and less than 1% have been tested for medicinal use.

2.) 3,000 fruits can be found in the rainforest and of these 3,000 the western world only uses 200. The native Indians to most rainforest use up to 2,000 different fruits.

3.) More than 1/2 of the worlds 10 million plants, animals, & insects live in the tropical rainforest.

4.) 6% of the Earth's surface is rainforest and experts say in 40 years it could be down to 0%.

5.) 1 1/2 acres of rainforest is lost every SECOND!!!!


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