Friday, July 2, 2010

Arenal Volcano Vacation Costa Rica

When visiting Costa Rica on a family vacation or student travel trip going to the Arenal Volcano is a must. This is an area where there is so much to do from ziplining, rafting, rappeling, nature hikes, and much more all within a very short bus ride.

This past week we had a group that scheduled their stay for four nights at the Arenal area and they did day trips from the hotel each day. This means they did not end up traveling very long and far on the bus which is often a sacrifice one has to make to see the different wonders of Costa Rica. The one day they did travel far was the Pacuare River. There are other rivers to raft in the Arenal area but the Pacuare is one of the best on the planet so if you dont mind one day of around 8 hours in the bus it is still worth the adventure.

Weather at the Arenal Volcano

The other days were filled with ziplining, rappeling, and chances to see nature with one of our expert naturalist guides. I will say this group had excellent weather at the Arenal Volcano which made staying four days easy. The risk you take on a family vacation or student travel trip is that the Arenal Volcano can actually be cloudy for four straight days. If you happen to being staying in the area for four days and you never see the volcano you will probably be asking yourself why the better half of your Costa Rica vacation was spent looking at a volcano covered by a cloud. But if you happen to visit the area for four days and get atleast 2 out of the 4 days clear and you mix that with a little adventure then you will be happy with the choice of four days at the Arenal Volcano.

So when planning your next Costa Rica vacation if you want to take the chance staying at the Arenal volcano for a few extra days just might be worth the chance.

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