Saturday, July 17, 2010

Costa Rica's Best Zipline

One of the many things that have made Costa Rica famous is the chance to going zipping through the rainforest. Many zipline companies in Costa Rica will take you from tree top to tree top. If you are up for a real thrill maybe you should try mountain top to mountain top and that is exactly what the SkyTrek at the Arenal Volcano will offer you.

This is a zipline where you will zip on 8 different cablse most of which hundreds of feet off the ground the highest being 700ft. The length of the cables can get up to 1km long and you travel at a speed of 40mph.

We enjoy taking all our student travel trips here and most of our family vacations opt for the thrill of the zipline. If you are looking for an amazing adventure then the SkyTrek at Arenal is the right choice. Have you ever been on a zipline that you thought was worth sharing? If so where and tell us about it? Also if your interested in planning a family vacation and enjoying Costa Rica's top adventures then contact us or
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