Monday, July 19, 2010

Luxury Hotel Costa Rica Pacific Coast

When it comes to hotels Costa Rica has many. The Pacific coast has been home to some of the nicer hotels and a larger amount of foreign investment with a number of places to pick from. If you like quiet, small, and excellent service then the Cuna de Angel just south of Dominical is the perfect pick.

From the time you arrive you feel the vibe of very tranquil surrounded by nature, sound of birds, and a soft jazz station playing in the lobby. The name Cuna del Angel means the crib of the Angel and iti s a fitting name for this hotel. It is located about 150 yards off the beach and has small ocean views.

Cuna del Angel Costa Rica

The highlight of this hotel would have to be the restuarant. Some of the best food in any hotel and of course a nice selection of sea-food. If you pick this hotel there is much to do in the area and 3 to 4 night stay is often suggested. We know you will love this hotel as it is part of the Small Distinctive Hotels of Costa Rica. We often use this hotel for our clients on private family vacations and we have a 100% satisfaction rate going for this hotel.

Our only suggestion is if you visit the hotel on a special event which they can do in the resturaunt (New Years, Easter Holiday, ect.) then make sure you get the price of the plate before you sit down. We have had clients that were surprised by the bill of the dinner for the special event. There are plenty of places nearby to eat out one night if you want to save some money.

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