Monday, September 6, 2010

Adventure Tours in Costa Rica

I happen to be a lover of outdoors and adventure. When it comes to picking the top 5 in Costa Rica I'm dealing with my personal favorite. This might mean we have to leave grandma and grandpa at home. I'm making them all 5 commercially operated tours. All 5 of these tours will keep the adrenaline you will want to be in half decent shape or atleast have good enough self-esteem for your friends to make fun of you while you are huffing and puffing.

We will list them from number 1 - number 5 all being lets say equal. It was just too hard of a pick to have to come up with a winner.

Costa Rica's Top 5 Adventure Tours

1.) Overnight hike and Rappel in Cavern: This is a tour we operate in the Southern zone of the country. It is an intense two hour hike to a cavern where we sleep behind a waterfall. You will be spending all night listening to the sound of the water of 3 different powerful waterfalls. From the cavern you will be rappeling a 120ft fall and doing a number a differen hikes in the area. You will also hike to the top of Costa Rica's tallest waterfall which is the Diamante Falls.

2.) Chirripo Trek: This is a 2 night hike to Costa Rica's highest point. This is the second highest point in all of Central America. The height you will reach is 12,352ft on the second morning leaving base camp at 3am to reach the top for sun rise. There is an endless amount of hiking to do in the area which lends itself to without question the most amazing views Costa Rica has to offer.

3.) Corcovado National Park: The two day hike to the Sirena station takes you deep into the jungle to the most bio-diverse place on the Planet. This is an adventure of hiking, being in the wild, and keeping your eyes out for the Jaguar. This hike takes you past some of the most beautiful beaches on Earth also.

4.) Rafting Pascua Section: This is a section of the Reventazon River which in 2011 will no longer exist because of a dam project. But if you are reading this blog and you get a chance to run this section and you are up for advetnure it is an amazing run. When it comes to adrenaline in Costa Rica on a commercial level this is hard to beat.

5.) Overnight Pacuare Rafting Trip: This is the cream of the crop when it comes to rafting. Not only do you get the big rapids but you also get the scenery. Voted as one of the top 5 rivers on the planet and one of the top 3 most scenice by National Geographic the Pacuare River is a must do for anyone who loves the outdoors. I went on it once and I returned everyday for three years. Its a place of complete peace and to spend the night in one of the few lodges or camping areas is an experience like no other surrounded by virgin rainforest.
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