Monday, September 6, 2010

Costa Rica Expects 2 million Tourist in 2010

LACSA Airbus operating under Grupo TACA at the...Image via WikipediaFor the second time in History Costa Rica expects to have 2 million tourist visit the country. According to ICT (Instution of Costa Rican Tourism: English translation) Costa Rica is seeing a 9.6% increase in tourist after the 2009 year which was the year of the recession.

After a very tough year for many hotel and tour companies this is very good news for anyone in the Costa Rica tourism industry. Costa Rica tourism has gone through some rough times in the last years with hotels closing and the small family owned places not being able to hold on with the loans they thought they were going to be able to keep up with after the incredible 2008 year. Its good to see now that there is hope for most companies.

Tourism around the world is up between 3% and 4% so at almost a 10% increase we are very pleased and can only hope for better things to come in the future.

My personal feeling as a blog writer and a small tour company (Costa Rican Resource) owner in Costa Rica I never want to see an economic crisis happen anywhere at anytime but the fact that it affected the tourism industry when it did in Costa Rica I feel will have some benefits to it in the future. Some of the big investors are out of here that had big plans to just develop, develop, & develop.

 It also has allowed the tourism industry to put its feet back on the ground and take a few deep breathes and see exactly which direction things should be going. I feel it might have been natures way of saying "Hey can I get a breather here? I need a break for second!". So we will see what happens the second time around as 2 million tourist come into the country. Lets just try and keep them aware of the importance of the environment and the people. If you have any thoughts on this would love to hear your comments?
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