Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bairds Tapir

Baird's TapirImage by Andy Tinkham via FlickrThis is one of Costa Rica's most popular animals. It happens to be a flagship species of Costa Rica. There are many interesting facts about the Bairds Tapir (Danta) so I wanted to make a list. This animal is called the Rhino of Central America. Hope you enjoy:

  • Life Span is 30 Years
  • 4 Species exist (Bairds Tapir in Central America)
  • Found in Every Continent except Antarctic; evidence of Super Continent Gondwanaland
  • Species unchanged for millions of years
  • Each toe has it's own separate hoof
  • Nose and Upper lip combined into a flexible snout like an elephants trunk
  • Travels alone
  • Uses flexible nose to explore a circle of ground 1 foot in diameter w/o having to move it's head
  • They love the water and can use their snout as a snorkel

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