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Hotel Capitan Suizo Costa Rica

After reading many different comments about this hotel I wanted to get some things straight. Its not a bad place. I know all travelers want to go to tripadvisor for comments on where to travel. But a bad comment on tripadvisor does not mean a place is bad.

For example and this goes for my opinion and I understand that all of you might not think the same way which is fine which means Hotel Capitan Suizo may not be the place for you. Costa Rica is located in the TROPICS which is what has made it popular and one of hte most bio-diverse places on the planets. The cute looking monkeys, beautiful toucans, and colorful looking frogs would not be around if it was not for little noisy insects (can you believe that, isnt that weird?). This is my first complaint of the complaints I see about hotels on tripadvisor.

I do agree Capitan Suizo was probably trying to save energy cost as many hotels do it is the "Green-Energy Saving Vibe" going on (its a good thing unfortunately the majority of paying tourist are not on the same vibe yet which hotel owners need to be aware of) by not using dehumidifyers in the rooms and things got a little damp. The sheets the beds. From what Ive heard they made the investment and this problem has been fixed. Some other complaints were the towels were a little out dated which in my opinion working as a guide for years sorry to say Capitan Suizo NO EXCUSE!!!! We get clients out of the river after 2 days of rafting and the most important thing is a nice fluffy towel even though we are in the town of Siquirres which is one of Costa Rica's least pleasant towns it is amazing the magic of the fluff in a towel so I understand those complaints for the vacationer as operatering tours it is the little things that count.

I love the idea of Capitan Suizo how they use no chemicals so if the insects come into the room deal with them. I think visitors need more contact with nature literally. It seems nuts but in the US there is so much isolation from nature it's amazing what we have exposed ourselves to in thinking we are protecting ourselves by getting away from all these little bugs. They actually dont hurt you as much as you think they do.

The staff is amazing, the rooms are big, the hotel grounds are super secluded and kept at perfection and one thing that cant be beat is that you are ON the beach. When it comes to Costa Rica there are many places you will stay AT the beach but ON the beach not as many.

Interesting Facts About Hotel:
  • No TV's I love this
  • 11 rooms with fans
  • 11 rooms with A/C
  • 95% of employees are from Costa Rica
  • No pesticides are used in the gardens
  • 10 minute walk from the town of Tamarindo (good part is you still feel secluded)

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