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Hiking in Costa Rica

CRR Guides on a Family Hike
Everyone wants to come to Costa Rica and do the zipline, rafting, surf, canyoneering, sit at the beach, practice Spanish, and the list goes on. One thing I try to get all my groups even if it is just for 15 minutes is to walk into the rainforest. The feeling of being surrounded by some of the most bio-diverse places on the planet is amazing. What you have to do is make your way into the cloud-forest or rainforest but make sure it is a nice thick jungle. You then just stop and listen. You will be amazed at how many noises you hear. That right there what you are hearing is the differnce between hiking in the Grand Canyon and hiking in the Tropics. I know this might not be the big thrill everyone is looking for but it takes just a few minutes and its worth it.

Costa Rica's Best Hiking Spots

Hiking SymbolImage via WikipediaThere are hiking areas all over the country some with many tourist and some with not so many. It all depends on what kind of hike you are looking for. If you want to be amazed by seeing natural wonders than you probably want to take the hike to Chirripo, Arenal Volcano National Park, or Rio Celeste. If you want to be probably the only one around and surrounded by nature than you might want to try a National Park like Tapanti. Personally my favorite hikes happen at the higher elevations when you get up into the cloud-forest. Hiking around Cerro de la Muerte at the many birding lodges is like slugging a 12 pack of fresh air (which is a bit more healthier than other 12 packs out there). The Barva Volcano is a high altitude hike (high altitude for Costa Rica only around 8,000ft) which has very few visitors and great vegetation all around.

These are just a few areas of Costa Rica and a complete book could be written on hiking in Costa Rica. No matter what you come to Costa Rica to do make sure you spend atleast a few minutes to get yourself into nature and remember to just stay still and listen. You wont want to leave.

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  1. I really thankful to you for this great read!!
    With the on-set of the Internet, reserving a resort or villa in Costa Rica has become easier however is not without its issues.

  2. Hi have you ever visited the Manuel Antonio's National Park? While I was reading your post I thought I had felt the same thing walking into that park, mainly now, they have moved the old entrance and now to get the beach you have to walk almot 15 minutes sourrounded by an evergreen forest