Friday, October 1, 2010

Costa Rica Surf Classes

I have done some extensive research and after reviewing it I have discovered that the sun should be back. In fact this morning I think I see it cracking out of the clouds a bit. That is why for your viewing pleasure this morning you get to watch a surf video from Costa Rica Vacations. I want you to remember the river rafting and ziplining are not the only fun adventures around. I often see that surfing keeps the kids very occupied during the their Costa Rica Family Vacation. Its interesting because they get guide and recieve lessons but they are on their own and many kids if they are into it will spend ours trying to master the skill. Remember if the sun doesnt come back out we can always go to the new planet:

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  1. In Dominical there is an excellent surf school for children, youth and adults. And as we all know Dominical is a great place to go for vacations and enjoy with your family.