Saturday, October 16, 2010

October 15th "World Rural Women Day"

Smiles from Sitio de Mata Project
 Although this is a day late I wanted to inform everyone that yesterday was the World Rural Women's Day. Most have probably never heard of this including myself until this year. I was doing some research and after dealing with Rural Costa Rica for the last couple of years, having my brother make yearly trips to Africa, and having lived in other rural areas of Central America it crossed our minds that women in rural areas more often than not are the ones putting up the struggle for the food on the table and education of the children.

It turns out after one quick google the Day of Rural Women already exist and it is October 15th. It has been around for over a decade. Halloween will be taking second place now as my favorite holiday in October. This is a special day as we celebrate Rural Women across the globe. Just here in Costa Rica our company has a special relationship with the Rural Women in the village of Sitio de Mata where we have our Sitio de Mata Project going strong and just gets stronger as more of you put groups together to form more visits.

To all the rural women across the globe we hope you enjoyed your day. We will be doing everything we can next year to make October 15th a celebrated day in rural parts of Costa Rica. I called some of the ladies in our Sitio de Mata Project and none of them knew this day even existed which made me think probably most of the rural women on the planet don't even know this day exist. They were quite flattered to here a day was just for them and all their hard work.

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