Thursday, January 27, 2011

Costa Rica Summer Vacation

For those of you that have visited Costa Rica from mid-December through mid February might have noticed that the kids here are on their summer vacation. This is a time that works out well for the local family because it coincides with the start of the dry season so most families can go and enjoy the many beaches of Costa Rica.

What you may not know is that good beach weather is not the main reason for this summer break. The real original reason for this break is to plan free time for families during the coffee harvest time here in Costa Rica.

The kids here in Costa Rica do not pick as much coffee as maybe their parents did because now you see many Nicaraguans picking in the fields and a lot more Costa Ricans at the beach.

Costa Rican the beach on your Summer Vacation?
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Location:La Fortuna Costa Rica


  1. Does that mean that as a nation, Costa Rica now is richer compared to its neighbor,

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