Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What is up with Arenal?

I am sitting here looking at the famous Arenal volcano which has been erupting since 1968 and has turned the town of La Fortuna into quite the tourist destinaton here in Costa Rica. The main attraction has been the active volcano of Arenal. The only thing is that this volcano which has put on many of night time shows of lava for millions of tourist from all over the world has not done anything in the last couple of months.

Tourism in the area has gone on as is lucky to the fact that the area is developed with beautiful hotels and many other activities t do in the area. Also it is well worth visiting the area just to see the scenery of this perfectly cone shaped volcano.

The question is what is happening with the volcano? Is it going to stay inactive for the next million years or is it just taking a rest until New Years of 2018 to celebrate it's 50th anniversary of activity?

The answer to this is that we do not know and that is the beauty of it. Not to scare people but everyone wants to run to a scientist for answers during these times but if they knew everything we wouldn't need anymore scientist we could just type everything into wiki-volcanos and look things up. This is a perfect example of the many wonders of our planet. I'm sure some sort of study will come out soon giving their best guess of wha is happening and what might happen but until then I'm just enjoying the chatter of people wondering.

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Location:Costa Rica Arenal

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