Monday, April 29, 2019

5 Creative Ways to Get Students to Sign Up for a Trip

Travel experiences for teachers and students often hinge on whether getting enough students to sign up. Here are some tips from teachers who have become experts in introducing students/parents to a life changing trip every year.

  • Flood the school and front office with posters. As many as you are allowed to put up. Most travel companies will send you posters if you request them. Also get the front office staff informed. They talk to parents and see everyone.
  • Build up the trip without announcing the destination. Set a date and time to make the destination a surprise. This makes the trip feel a little bit more special. Kids love surprises so use it to your advantage.
  • Before announcing the destination have your students do a project, watch a movie, and have interesting facts about the host country you plan on picking. This gets them familiar with the country and makes it more personal when they learn they have the option to visit on a trip.
    Invite your favorite students privately. One teacher puts letters rolled up in a bottle and passes out the bottles to students. Make it attractive maybe with some interesting facts on the host country you will be visiting.
  • Have contact with host country. Many programs now a days include homestays and if you choose a personalized company chances are you can have a Skype call with one of the families. This helps build a relationship and motivates students to want to visit virtual friends.

You might have some more creative ways to attract students on trips and we would love to hear them. Remember many students don't realize just how life changing a trip can be so they often need a little extra motivation to wake up the travel bug inside of them. The best part about taking student to Costa Rica is that it often sells itself but it never hurts to use the tips above.


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