Monday, April 29, 2019

Three Succesful Ways to Promote Your International Trip to Students

If you are thinking of running an international student trip the foundation starts with having students sign up. Most teachers have training as teachers. If they decide to run an international trip they are going to need some marketing skills. Below we will walk you through some suggestions to get students and parents aware of your trip:

  • Flood the campus with posters. Ask the company you will be travelling with for material. The most important are the posters around campus. The rest of the material can be digital. 
  • Front office exposure. The front office space and employees are the voice and face of the school. Make sure you have informed the front office crew of the trip, dates, and use them to your advantage as sales reps to all the traffic passing through. Don't forget a nice front office poster. 
  • Online presence. With all the social platforms students have access to these days it is essential that you have a digital poster and share it regularly. Invite students with large list of followers to share the poster regularly. Ask the company you will be traveling with for an attractive digital poster to get students excited.

These are just three ideas we have seen work in the past. Recruiting students is sometimes a snowball affect and students sign up without much promotion. Other times it will play out differently. If you stay consistent and use the tips above you should not have much problem getting the numbers you need to run a trip.