Thursday, February 25, 2010

Costa Rica's Best Kept Secret

Now with new highways all over the place we will see how long some of Costa Rica's best kept secrets actually stay a secret. After being in the country for almost 9 years there are still plenty of new sites to see each time you go somewhere. About 3 years ago I was in the Southern zone in the area between San Isidro and Dominical in a little town called Platanillo. It was here that I was invited in to an area that is called the cave. The Cave is basically about a 2 hour hike straight up a ridge (The second ridge behind the coastal ridge so relatively near the coast). I was joined by the owners of the property who deserve a blog entry just for them. The Chapman family is a gringo father and tica mom family with four amazing children from ages 17 - 22 all certified as adventure guides in Costa Rica and some of the most entertaining kids you will meet with a backround in circus training, music, art, and all around great atittudes towards everything. What the Chapmans have done is turn a cavern that is located in this ridge where two waterfalls fall over the cavern. It is an epic area and one of the best parts is that you can rappel the waterfalls to get yourself down into the cavern where you will find a large kitchen, bathrooms, and sleeping arrangements (sleeps up to 30 people). This is definately a spot of Costa Rica that will remain a best kept secret because with the hike you have to do to get there I dont expect heavy traffic passing by The Cave anytime soon. Note: The Chapman Family Company is Called Tree of Life Tours.

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