Thursday, February 25, 2010

What it feels like to be a Millionaire

With just 21 years of age I arrived to Costa Rica and was quick to become my families first millionaire. I have to say life has been good and living in the tropical paradise running a tour company I cant complain. Being a millionaire came easier than I expected. I did not find myself with a big house or fancy cars. I noticed I was still eating rice and beans every meal and living off tips from being a river guide on the river.

Today is your lesson on Costa Rican currency. It turns out that Costa Rica uses the Colone which was named after a sailor who first arrived on the Limon side of Costa Rica named Christopher Columbus. His name in Spanish is Cristobal Colon for which the currency was named. Costa Rica has moved through the years from using everything from the Cacao fruit as currency to the many different size coins that they have today. The largest bill of the colone is 10,000 colones which is worth around $18.50 US Dollars. Today the exchange is around 550 colones to the US $1. This my friends is how I became my families first millionaire. To say it correctly I am really only a thousandaire and on some days probably just a hundrednaire. This was your lesson on the Costa Rican currency and to let everyone know that you dont need a fancy car and nice house to live the life of a millionaire. Just a few rice and beans, nice people, and natural beauties is what I consider living the high life.


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