Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chinese in Costa Rica

Less than a year ago a team of chinese construction builders came to Costa Rica with the plan to build an $80 million dollar National Stadium in the Sabana Park in San Jose. Every cent of this stadium was donated by the Chinese government. Costa Rica with the Oscar Arias administration has begun to lean towards Chinese support and away from the Tawain support from before. The stadium was the first example of just how much the Chinese are capable of doing. I have to say though that the most impressive was not the check of $80 million dollars. In my opinion anyone that has spent anytime in Latin America knows that there is something referred to as "Latin-Time". This means that it does not matter who, when, where, or why, but you can expect things to run a bit late. I would say the most sure of all these would be constructions. With the construction boom in Costa Rica I think Costa Rica has done an excellent job supplying qualified architects, engineers, and construction crews to build solid constructions. One thing they have stayed loyal to is staying on Latin-Time. Having just built a home that took 4 months more than expected I can assure you that many other people have the same story. The weather you can never predict in Costa Rica but one thing for sure is that if you are building there is a 99% chance the construction will not finish on time.

This is where I am so very impressed with the Chinese. The crew brought in for the new Stadium is two months ahead of schedule. To have the stadium finished on time is unheard of but to have it done two months ahead of time is amazing (almost makes me wonder if they are missing any screws and bolts?). The construction is top-notch which Im sure it probably is it has a stadium roof that opens and closes like Dallas Stadium and it is a super modern looking design which will add some flavor to the center of San Jose. So I guess a huge thanks to the Chinese for writing a check for $80 million dollars and for also being the first construction crew in the history of Latin America to not have their watches set on Latin-Time.

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  1. Que viva la amistad entre el pueblo Chino y el publo Costarricense! que dure un largo rato. Acaben con los sospechos. China nunca a colonizado a nadie, solamente ha sufrido lo mismo que han sufrido todos los paises latinoamericanos. China no esta en estado de guerra contra nadie, no tiene tropas en paises ajenos. China quiera desarrollar and paz...aconstumbremos de verla entre nuestros pueblos y ayudemos unos a los otros.